Parent Schoology Access

Parents & Guardians,

Have you already created and used your own Parent Schoology Account? If not, you are missing out on some valuable information. With a Parent Schoology Account, you can:

-View your child’s classes, including lessons, assignments and grades earned.

-View your child’s missing and upcoming assignments.

-View all school and classroom announcements.

-Receive a daily or weekly digest email with a summary of your child’s current progress.

Creating an account is easy. Click HERE to learn more!

August 15th Is The First Day of School!

We are so excited to welcome new and returning students to the 2022-2023 virtual school year! We hope that this year is one of the best ones yet for everyone! Send us a picture of how your first day of virtual school looks like and tag us on Facebook & Instagram!

Thank you for choosing South Carolina Virtual Charter School in your quest for quality education.