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Completely Tuition-Free

Open to ALL South Carolina-based students

Live Instruction in Real-Time

SC Certified & Experienced Teachers

Students Still Eligible To Play Sports At Their Local Residence

Honor Societies

In-Person School Events

1-1 Technology Approach

Top-Performing Virtual School in the state

A K-12 Virtual School Experience Like No Other

Elementary students can participate in field trips, extracurricular clubs, and social outings with teachers and families.

Middle school students can take honors-level courses early and gain high school credits.

High students can participate in sports in your home district, take part in extracurricular activities and clubs, and in-person events!

NEW FOR 2022-2023!

NEW FOR 2022-2023!

1-1 Technology approach where everyone who needs a Chromebook gets one.

No sharing. No technology worries. The student focuses on learning.

**$25 non-refundable fee for each computer issued.

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Enrollment open to South Carolina-based students only.

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