Jessica Mullinax

Jessica Mullinax has a passion for teaching that shows every day in her classroom.  She has a unique ability to challenge all students, including those who struggle academically.  She builds great relationships with students and their families, and communicates with them regularly to ensure student success. Ms. Mullinax consistently produces scores on the End of Course English 2 exam that outperform not only all virtual schools, but most brick and mortar schools as well.  She is a constant source of support to her students, families, and fellow SCVCS teachers.

Nicole Harman

Nicole Harmon is a team player, a problem-solver, an innovator, and a dynamic member of the 4th grade team at SCVCS.  Her enthusiasm, love, and passion for teacher are evident daily in all that she does for our students, families, and staff. She takes time to develop impactful relationships with her families. She provides instruction that is engaging, relevant, and interactive.  She constantly displays her love of learning and she devotes her time into providing the best instruction to her students and the most support to her school team of teachers.  Ms. Harmon lives out the expectations she sets for her students:  be brave, take risks, and be kind!

Erin Harrelson

Erin Harrelson is the gold standard of an excellent teacher. She is friendly, helpful, and willing to do anything to benefit her students and colleagues.  She does an excellent job at pouring enthusiasm into her students.  She promotes inquiry and exploration in her classroom as well as diversity and inclusion.  She believes that all students can be successful, and she works tireless to ensure that every student has an opportunity to find that success.  She is the textbook definition of a team player and is a crucial member of the SCVCS Middle School team.