Staying Organized & Setting Up Your Workspace

Whether it’s a desk in your room or the kitchen table, you need a dedicated learning space that says you’re ready to work. Having separate areas for work and play helps us balance focus and relaxation. Avoid studying on your bed and find a spot where you won’t be distracted.

Practice accountability by setting clear goals at the beginning of the week, month, or semester. Be aware of your due dates and tests, then make a flexible schedule that works for you. Make to-do lists and set time limits to keep yourself on track.

Daily routines help us be more efficient and minimize stress. Scheduling short breaks or eating lunch at the same time every day can give you the routine you need to be a successful student. Plan time to focus AND to relax!

Communicating with Teachers

It’s important to connect with your teachers as early as you can. Reaching out before classes begin is a great way to start building your relationships and ask any questions you may have.

Speak up when you have a question or contact your teacher privately after class. Our educators are here to help you succeed and want you to ask for the help you need.

Do you need extra instruction outside of class? Ask your teacher about tutoring/assistance sessions or access via Discus

School Culture: Balancing School Work & Extracurricular Activities

SCVCS offers extracurriculars for our middle and high school students to stay engaged. Whether it’s National Honor Society or Animal Club, extracurriculars help us become well-rounded students and find peers with similar interests.

Clubs & Honor Societies

Take a look at your academic goals, routine, and schedule to get ahead of conflicts. You should always know what’s coming and plan accordingly.

Between school, clubs, and sports, we can forget to make time for ourselves. Scheduling downtime gives our brains time to relax, getting us ready for the next activity.