Child Find Query

SCVCS has the responsibility to identify children who have special needs by making parents aware of how to make a referral if they suspect their child has a disability. Parents can call the SCVCS school office at 803-253-6222 for more information or assistance.

Transcript Request and Release

All transcript requests must be made in writing to the SCVCS Registrar. If your student is currently enrolled, email the Registrar ( requesting an unofficial transcript and include the student’s full name, date of birth, and confirm your mailing address. If your student has been withdrawn please complete the student records request form.

Withdrawal Form

Occasionally, a parent and student may determine that SCVCS is not the better alternative for the education of the student. This decision should be discussed with the student’s counselor/teacher. If the decision is made that the student should withdraw, please complete the withdrawal form and return to the student’s counselor/teacher or the SCVCS Registrar. Please be sure to provide the name of the new school on the withdrawal form.

Diploma Request

All diploma requests must be made in writing to the SCVCS Registrar. Please complete the form and return to

Former Student Diploma Request

If you are a former graduate that has already received a diploma and need a duplicate, you will need to go through the SC Department of Education by clicking this link HERE. If you have never received a diploma from SCVCS, please use the form and instructions above.

Other Forms

Gavin’s Law

McKinney-Vento Education Program Form

McKinney-Vento Education Program Form Spanish

McKinney-Vento Education Program Form Russian

McKinney-Vento Education Program Form Ukrainian

Computer Request Form

SCVCS provides loaner Chromebook computers to families based on need. Students are eligible for loaner computer consideration after the enrollment application has been processed and the student has been approved for enrollment. Loaner Chromebook computers are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis and require a $25 non-refundable administrative processing fee for each loaner device. Deadline to apply for the 2024-2025 school year: August 23, 2024.

Computer Request Form Spanish

Computer Request Form Ukrainian

Computer Request Form Russian

Medical Homebound Form

South Carolina’s mandates regarding medical homebound instruction appear in State Board of Education Regulation 43–241. Put in the simplest terms, R 43–241 defines “homebound instruction” as teaching that is offered to the student who has an acute or chronic medical condition that prevents him or her from attending classes at school, takes place “in a room especially set aside for the period of instruction,” and is conducted by an individual who holds a South Carolina teacher’s certificate.

Specifically, Regulation 43–241 says that students who cannot attend public school because of illness, accident, or pregnancy, even with the aid of transportation, are eligible for medical homebound instruction. A physician must certify that the student is unable to attend school but may profit from instruction given in the home. Any student participating in a program of medical homebound instruction must be approved by the district superintendent or his or her designee on standardized forms provided by the State Department of Education. All approved forms must be maintained by the district for documentation.

Medical homebound instruction is a service that is available for students who cannot attend school for a medical reason.

  • A physician must certify that the student has such a medical condition but may benefit from instruction and must fill out the medical homebound form that the school district provides. The form for Medical Homebound can be picked up from the school or by contacting
  • The school leader then decides whether to approve the student for medical homebound services
  • The school will consider the severity of the student’s illness or injury, the length of time that the student will be out of school, the impact that a long period away from school will have on the student’s academic success, and whether the student’s health needs can be met at school virtually.

The goal of homebound medical homebound instruction is to provide continuity of instruction and to facilitate the student’s return to a regular school setting as quickly as possible. State Board of Education Regulation 43-241 outlines the provision of medical homebound services.

For further information please contact:

Stephanie Gentry, Coordinator of Exceptional Children, at 803-253-6222, or email

Medical Homebound Form Spanish

Medical Homebound Form Russian

Medical Homebound Form Ukrainian

Parent Student Contract

Parents/students who enroll in SCVCS must sign a parent/student contract agreeing to follow all rules and regulations of the school as indicated in this document.

Parent Student Contract Spanish

Parent Student Contract Russian

Parent Student Contract Ukrainian

Request Teacher Qualifications

Request Teacher Qualifications Spanish

Request Teacher Qualifications Russian

Request Teacher Qualifications Ukrainian